Slipper Slopes, EP 2018

The Dream is Gone, EP 2013

I began recording my own form of soul music in 2006. It took me more than 7 years to acquire the tools, knowledge, and gumption to release my music. Also, life happened... in the form of family and work, both of which I am grateful and neither of which I take for granted. Finally in 2013, I released "The Dream is Gone" EP. The next few years saw me start a band, Spirit Parade, in which I was fortunate enough to play local festivals and some cool shows. In 2018, my studio was finally built, an effort that took over five years of trial and error, buying and selling.....that year I released a remastered EP of five of my favorite solo songs from over the past decade. This year I finished an EP of brand new songs titled "Ceremony". I really hope you enjoy this music. The recordings give away their un-honed nature but I hope you can see past its imperfections and  appreciate their life.